Friday I’m in Love – April 18

trader joe's pita crisps cranberries pumpkin seeds

Well hello Friday! Nice to see you. Actually, with my crazy work schedule, Fridays mean very little to me. But someday, SOMEDAY they will. This week has been relatively quiet as I’m just easing into my new job. I hope it picks up quickly, as a paycheck is necessary. But here’s what I’ve been enjoying […]

Say CHEESE! And win a $25 Whole Foods gift card #Giveaway

cheese at whole foods

I am a Whole Foods ambassador and receive promotional items or gift cards in return for my participation. Opinions are my own. Recently, at a backyard BBQ with friends, the griller asked “who doesn’t want cheese on their burger?”. My reply was “weird people”. I mean, cheese. CHEESE. What is NOT to love about cheese? […]

Reading fun with friends from Frozen

a sister more like me

I received these books in order to facilitate this review. Opinions are mine. My daughter is 5 1/2 (that 1/2 is very important) and is reading like crazy these days. It’s amazing how much she has progressed in kindergarten this year! And, of course, like almost every girl her age, she is also obsessed with […]

Friday I’m in Love – April 11

dixie's tupperware party

I’m not really sure how Friday got here so fast, but it did and I’m not complaining! We’ve got a fairly low-key weekend planned, movie night at school tonight, swim lessons and some time with friends on Saturday. There’s rumor that there might be some snow on Sunday. Here’s hoping it’s the last of the […]

Wordless Wednesday – Welcome back, old friend


Friday I’m in Love April 4

andrea schroder fig garden

Let’s just jump right into this Friday. It’s been a fun week of birthday and pampering and today is our first Rockies game – which leads off my list this week! Baseball! – baseball is back! Today we’ll go to our first Rockies game, and tomorrow we’ll go to our second. We have a 20 […]

When the playground isn’t safe

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 9.31.41 PM

After school today we spent about 20 minutes at home before running off to an appointment. I left my phone in the car since it wasn’t going to be all that long, and I came out to 4 missed calls and two voicemails from my daughter’s school. Since she was sitting right behind me and […]

Birthday week begins!

I am certain I am not the only person who celebrates their birthday WEEK. One day just isn’t enough, especially as we get older. I’ve adopted the birthday week mentality within the past 10 years or so and it’s a fun way to continue the birthday festivities. I don’t have a TON on tap for […]

Friday I’m in Love – March 28

finish line

Ah yes, it’s Friday and I’m in love. Last week we discussed doughnuts, Speculoos and Frozen Free Fall. This week? Raw Threads I was introduced to this brand of apparel for athletes this past year. I purchased one shirt prior to my half marathon, and another at the expo. I loved them so much that […]

Just another person angry with SELF Magazine

running with a tutu

Yeah, after a while open-letter posts in rebuttal to current events or other articles become annoying and unoriginal, but in light of the recent publication in Self Magazine, I felt I needed to make my feelings known. Brief synopsis: Self Magazine contacts runner and cancer survivor Monika Allen to ask if they can use a […]

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